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There is nothing to become.
This is something that has really been sinking into me lately. 
I have spent a lot of time over the last two years thinking about and taking action towards becoming something, becoming the person my mind thinks it should be.
But where do these thoughts come from? Are they necessary? 
Nature simply is. 
It changes and unfolds spontaneously and as designed, without control, without fear, because this is what it does naturally.
And we are the same.
We are changing, transforming with nature, as nature.
And I am realizing more and more that, like plants and trees, this doesn’t require conscious intervention on our part.
It just requires being, in the now, and receiving what is coming to us and taking action on our heart’s desires.
Trying to become only creates a strange confusion and pressure inside one’s being.
Nothing exists outside of the now.
So, there is nothing to become, there is only to be. 
You can trust who you are. 💚🌲
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Forest healing

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Forest Healing:
The last two years have been a beautiful journey of transformation for me.
It was just over two years ago that I left my job as a pharmacist without any plan for how I would support myself in the world, just a knowing deep within me that there was something more I was meant to be doing with my life. 
A purpose deep within me waiting to explode into this world.
My own unique way for healing the planet through my work.
Based on all I was hearing in social media and the like, I had the idea that this was going to simply and quickly land in my lap, magically, simply by making the choice to follow my heart. 
However, the journey has been far more arduous than I was led to believe! My goodness has it. 💚
And the process couldn’t have been more perfect.
On my journey,
I have experienced confusion, frustration, depression, overwhelm, grief, and so much more.
I have overcome my deepest fears, transformed social anxiety, recreated my relationship with my emotions, and found my true power and sense of self (and Self).
It was this beautiful journey that taught me my gifts, my talents, my purpose.
And now, here I am, watching my dreams unfold like magic. 
Goodness I am so fucking grateful for it all!!!! 💚
To create a new life for ourselves, we must alchemize all that is within us that is in between us an this higher version of ourselves.
We must transform the inner to transform the outer. 
This process is on going, and at times challenging.
We must step up for ourselves, and know when to ask for help too.
We aren’t meant to go through it alone.
And as we learn our lessons, we pass what we have learned to those experiencing them, so that we may all grow and experience fullness and love.
For those of you needing help, I am here. 
I am here to help you free yourself from the emotions and false identities of your past.
I am here to help you heal into your highest you, and teach you how to heal yourself too. 
So, if you feel like you need help right now in your own magical journey of transformation, I would love to hear from you. 💚
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Nature Healing Retreat

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Nature Retreat:

GeoTran Healing Sessions

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