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Take the day for you, to disconnect from every day life and responsibilities, and create a day of magic, healing and transformation to nourish your heart and soul, and take you deeper into your relationship with your self and the world around you.

That is what nature healing retreats are all about.

Relaxing and coming to stillness in the beauty of nature.

Rejuvenating in her healing elixirs and frequencies.

Playing, exploring, re-energizing and communing with your Spirit.

Deepening your relationship with nature.

Breathing deeply, feeling fully, experiencing the wonder of being alive.

This 7 hour private day retreat includes:

  • Chanting and drumming for shifting to spiritual consciousness, setting the stage for experiencing the magic of nature

  • Personalized crystal essence medicine to cleanse your energy field and leave you feeling vibrant and energized

  • A transformative breath-work + crystal energy healing to release stuck emotions so you can move forward with a renewed sense of self

  • Breath-work meditation for deepening your sense of connection with nature

  • A spirit-channeled, healing shamanic drum journey for spiritual healing

  • Spirit-channeled mini oracle reading for guidance on your life path

  • Forest bathing practices incorporating movement, vocal expression, nature art and tree shamanism for deepening your awareness of your Spirit

  • Plant-based lunch & snack (made with love)

  • And more, as nature inspires and guides for your unique healing




Your health and vibrancy is worth it.


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Have you ever wondered what life would be like without reactions to fears and emotions surfacing and creating turmoil?

It’s possible.

Geotran healing was created to help us re-program emotions and reactions that hold us back from being who we truly are, helping us to show up in our lives according to our sacred blueprint and in our fullest love and potential., creating lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Using the language of sacred geometry and numbers, we work in the energy field of your being (that which instructs the health and structure of your being, as well as your emotional responses and behaviors) to remove faulty programming that is responsible for emotional distress and blockages (that manifest as life challenges and physical ailments) and restore them to their original, intended design - in alignment with health and love.

In these sessions, I combine Geotran healing with crystal energy healing and reiki, for a holistic experience designed to release emotional blockages and re-orient your frequency to one of harmony, wellness and love.

*Geotran sessions are available as distance healing from anywhere on the planet


$125.00/hour or 4 sessions at $100.00/hr


Peace and radiance are your true nature.