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Let’s come together in the common intention to heal our emotional wounds on behalf of the collective and our beautiful Mother Earth.

In this online group meditation session, the healing blessings of plant and crystal spirits are channeled as a guided meditation, specific to the unique gathering of beings each month, for optimal healing of the group.

Each monthly meditation is a one-of-a-kind gift from spirit, leading you on a sacred journey into the worlds of plant and crystal spirits for self-healing on an energetic and emotional level, for life insight, spiritual gifts, and deepening one’s connection to Source.

By uniting in intentional meditative space, the healing energy that we create is amplified, allowing the manifestation of deeper emotional transformation within ourselves.

The energy that we create then becomes available for the healing of the collective, acting as a force of positive transformation on Earth.

The more beings that come together, the stronger a healing field that is created, so be sure to invite your friends and dear ones to join.

Be a force of change in your life and for the planet

Empower yourself to live your best life

Thrive in the fullness of your authentic self

Meditations take place over zoom call.

The zoom link will be sent to your email following registration through the link below.

Separate registration is required for each monthly meditation.