The New Earth Healing

heal ourselves, heal the planet.


Uncover the healing magic of nature,

And live your best life.

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Nature holds all the keys to our wellbeing.

Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – Mother Nature is the medicine that we need to thrive.

And the process of healing through nature isn’t complicated.

It doesn’t require pills or regimens or treatment plans.

It just requires going outside and opening to the love, guidance and healing frequencies that nature is waiting to share with us.  


We are meant to live in connection with nature.

It is programmed in our DNA, our brain function, our ancestral memories.

We are all earth children.

And when we remember this, something magical begins to happen.


We remember who we are.

Our Spirit.

Our gifts.

Our connection to all that is.

And bit by bit, we start to relax into the knowing that we are one with it all.

That we are nature.

And that we are the creative force that made it all, too.


my name is anne.

There is nothing I love more than being outside, admiring the beauty that is nature.

From the finest detail of a spring blossom to the most majestic mountain, nature captivates me in all her forms.

I can’t wait to take you deeper into experiencing her wonder, and into cultivating your own sacred relationship with her.

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Like good food and water, forest bathing is a basic ingredient for thriving.

  • It grounds us and balances our mind and emotions, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

  • It expands our senses, elevating our consciousness, opening the potential of our human form to experience life in its fullness, from whispering trees to deeper intimacy with our partners.

  • It boosts our energy, creativity, and immune system.

  • It brings us in touch with our individuality, magic and beauty as human beings.

But most of all, it helps us to remember the richness and sacredness of life beyond the values and ideals that have been placed upon us by society, helping us to create lives of joy, fulfillment and meaning.